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Freelancing and Co-Working: A Perfect Blend for Modern Professionals

The appeal of freelancing lies in its flexibility – you’re not tethered to traditional work hours, which can sap the joy from your professional life and strain your personal time.

As a freelancer, you set your own schedule and even have the luxury of working in your pajamas. Plus, you avoid the distractions of a typical office, like a loud colleague or a watchful boss.

Yet, freelancing can sometimes feel isolating. It’s easy to find yourself confined at home for days, reaching out to friends online just for some human connection. This is where co-working becomes valuable.

Understanding Co-Working

Co-working seamlessly blends independence with collaboration. This setup involves renting a workspace in an office shared with others who are similarly self-employed or working on diverse projects.

modern coworking spacemodern coworking space

While everyone works independently, you’re in close proximity to others, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment. You have the freedom to come and go as you please, without direct oversight from a boss, yet you benefit from a refreshing change of scenery and casual interactions.

The Benefits of Co-Working

Co-working helps alleviate the loneliness of solo work. Here are three key advantages that make co-working appealing:


Imagine being holed up like Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining,” who famously unraveled while isolated in a remote hotel. Co-working offers an escape from the confines of your home, providing fresh perspectives and the chance to bounce ideas off others – turning them from mere colleagues into potential clients or collaborators.

Reduced Distractions

Working from home isn’t for everyone. External noises, household duties, or simple distractions can hinder productivity. Co-working spaces offer a structured environment similar to traditional offices, where you can focus on your tasks with fewer interruptions. They provide the professional setting needed to stay on track with deadlines.

Each co-working space is unique, and some even extend beyond traditional office setups into cafes or other informal settings, offering a lively and varied working atmosphere.

Networking Opportunities

Co-workers hail from various industries and professions. The person next to you might just be your next client or a valuable contact. Remember to network actively, sharing business cards and engaging with peers who could help propel your freelance career forward.

colleagues in office coworkingcolleagues in office coworking

Interested in a Co-Working Space?

For a comprehensive guide on co-working, visit the Coworking Wiki. This resource allows you to explore co-working spaces in your area, engage with community blogs, and even learn how to start your own co-working space.

Before diving into co-working, consider these essential questions:

Setting Rules and Expectations

It’s crucial for all co-workers to discuss and agree on rules to ensure the space meets everyone’s needs. Consider these points:

  • Are phone calls allowed, or is the space kept quiet?
  • What are the acceptable noise levels?
  • What amenities and facilities are available?
  • Does the co-working space operate 24/7, or are there fixed hours?
people coworkingpeople coworking
Tax Benefits of Co-Working Spaces

Obtaining a tax deduction for co-working space expenses is possible but depends on several factors. Consulting an accountant is advisable. Considerations include:

  • If the co-working location changes frequently, securing a tax write-off can be challenging. However, phone bills could qualify if the usage is business-related.
  • If the co-working takes place in a fixed location, it may qualify as an office, allowing for deductions on expenses like phone bills and office rent.
Costs Associated with Co-Working Spaces

While co-working spaces offer many benefits, they come at a cost. Freelancers must weigh the affordability of various co-working options against their budgets and needs.


Co-working is tailored for freelancers and has become a popular urban practice. This model offers flexibility in when and where to work, albeit with some limitations. This flexibility can lead to higher job satisfaction and better quality of work, benefiting both freelancers and their clients.

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