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Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (June 2024)

It’s the time again to share new resources, tools, and libraries with our fellow web developers.

PHP has regained popularity and sparked numerous discussions once more. Unlike ten years ago, PHP has grown significantly with new features and an expanding ecosystem. This edition features several PHP libraries and tools, alongside various JavaScript libraries and frameworks that connects these two languages together.

Without further ado, let’s go into the details.

Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (May 2024)

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Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (May 2024)

It’s that time again to check out some tools, libraries, and frameworks for our web developer friends. This… Read more


AstroWind is a free, open-source template for building websites with Astro and Tailwind CSS. It supports dark mode, RTL, and includes a blog with MDX, categories, tags, social sharing, and an automatic RSS feed. Additionally, it offers image optimization, sitemap generation, Open Graph tags, and integrations with Google Analytics, making it easy and quick to launch your website.

AstroWind template screenshotAstroWind template screenshot


drei is a popular helper library for react-three-fiber, which is a React renderer for Three.js. It provides components for common tasks such as loading models, creating controls, handling interactions, setting up lighting, and other utilities. A great library that could simply creating 3D scenes on your website.

Drei library logoDrei library logo

33 JavaScript Concept

A curated list of 33 fundamental concepts for JavaScript developers. It provides a comprehensive list of JavaScript concepts that are essential to help you understand the language better. It includes explanations and resources for each concept and principles, making it a valuable reference whether you are beginners or experienced developers.

33 JavaScript Concepts logo33 JavaScript Concepts logo

WP Starter Plugin

WP Starter Plugin is a starter kit designed to help WordPress developers easily create modern and well-organized plugins. It promotes modern PHP practices like using namespaces, Composer, and autoloaders. The kit includes a structured foundation with a predefined folder structure, boilerplate code, and pre-configured tools like RectorPHP and Webpack.

WP Starter Plugin logoWP Starter Plugin logo

Laravel Best Practices

This comprehensive list of best practices for developing applications with Laravel helps developers write clean, and maintainable Laravel application by following industry standards. It covers various topics such as the application structure, configurations, Eloquent ORM, testing, and security. A great resource for both beginners and experienced developers to improve their skill to build high-quality applications.

Laravel Best Practices logoLaravel Best Practices logo

Firefly III

Firefly III is a free and open-source personal finance manager that helps you manage your finances efficiently. Built on top Laravel, it features a double-entry bookkeeping system, allowing you to easily enter and organize your transactions in multiple currencies. A solid finance application whether for your own business or to build for you clients.

Firefly III logoFirefly III logo

PHP Image Processing

Intervention Image is a PHP library designed to make image processing easy. It provides a unified API for GD library or Imagick to work with common tasks like creating, editing, and composing images. It also supports animated images, is framework-agnostic, and complies with PSR-12 standards, making it versatile and easy to integrate into any PHP project.

Intervention Image logoIntervention Image logo


Alice is a library that helps you create large amounts of fake data for developing or testing your project. Backed by FakerPHP, it generates complex and constrained data, and you can choose whether to use Yaml or PHP for the data generation. This makes it easy for your team to tweak the fixtures as needed, and ensures that everyone can quickly and efficiently set up realistic data for various use cases in your tests.

Nelmio Alice logoNelmio Alice logo


PsySH is an interactive debugger and REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop) for PHP. It allows you to execute PHP code in real-time, inspect objects, test functions, and debug directly from the command line. It comes with features like code completion, immediate feedback, and a command history. It’s compatible with modern PHP frameworks and libraries, making it easier to develop and debug PHP applications.

PsySH logoPsySH logo


Hyperf is a high-performance PHP framework for building web applications, microservices, and APIs. It uses Coroutines to handle many connections efficiently. It offers features like dependency injection, annotation-based routing, and asynchronous programming. It’s built to use the latest PHP features, making it a great choice for creating fast and scalable applications with PHP.

Hyperf logoHyperf logo


Slugify is a PHP library that transforms strings into URL-friendly slugs with support for over 30 languages. It’s lightweight, has no external dependencies, and is compatible with PHP8 and higher. It also integrates with frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, Twig, and others, making it easy to generate clean and SEO-friendly URLs for your web applications.

Slugify logoSlugify logo


MingleJS is a library that allows you to combine Laravel Livewire with React or Vue components in a Laravel application. Livewire lets you build dynamic interfaces using server-side code, and with MingleJS, you can seamlessly integrate React or Vue components into your Livewire projects. This gives you the flexibility to use the best features of both server-side and client-side frameworks.

MingleJS logoMingleJS logo


Shittier is a tool that deliberately makes your code look messy. Unlike tools that aim for neatness like Prettier, Shittier randomizes indentation, mixes up casing, and messes with spacing. You probably won’t use it in production, it’s good to know tool for fun, and probably good for performing demo and tests in some situations.

Shittier tool screenshotShittier tool screenshot

Laravel Orchid

Laravel Orchid is a powerful tool for creating admin panels. It comes with a variety of customizable UI components like form inputs and data grids, making it easy to build and extend your application’s features without spending time on repetitive tasks.

Laravel Orchid logoLaravel Orchid logo

VSCode Blade Formatter

vscode-blade-formatter is a VSCode extension that formats Blade files with a specific style. It automatically indents markup inside directives, adds spacing to Blade template markers, and supports PHP 8 features and PSR-2 formatting. It also sorts Tailwind CSS classes based on your tailwind.config.js. A great VSCode plugin to make your Blade codes clean and consistent.

VSCode Blade Formatter logoVSCode Blade Formatter logo


Twill is an open-source CMS for Laravel that simplifies building custom admin panels. It features a user-friendly interface, flexible content management, drag-and-drop functionality, media handling, customizable forms, and multilingual support. Twill integrates seamlessly with Laravel, making it easy for developers to create and maintain content-rich websites efficiently.

Twill CMS logoTwill CMS logo


bashunit is a simple and modern testing library for Bash scripts to ensure your scripts work reliably. It comes with an intuitive API, clear documentation, and it simplifies creating and managing tests, no matter how big or complex your Bash script is.

Bashunit logoBashunit logo


Pixelfed is an open-source, social media platform that focuses on photo sharing. Designed to be an alternative to Instagram with decentralized approach where users can host their own instances and still interact with others across the network. A perfect app, if your client is asking you to develop a social media.

Pixelfed logoPixelfed logo


Skeleton is a toolkit for building accessible web UI with Svelte and Tailwind CSS. It leverages Svelte and SvelteKit built-in features like the components, stores, and actions. And with Tailwind CSS you can easily customize style components with the Tailwind’s utility classes. An overall great app with .

Skeleton toolkit logoSkeleton toolkit logo


SVGViewer is an all-in-on web application for SVG. You can use it to view SVGs or optimize them. Additionally, it offers conversion to various formats such as React, React Native, PNG, and Data URI. It’s a great tool for managing and transforming SVGs to suit different your different needs.

SVGViewer app screenshotSVGViewer app screenshot

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