How to Easily Optimize Images on Your MacBook

Discover a lesser-known macOS feature within the Mac context menu that simplifies image management on your MacBook. This tool is incredibly useful for adjusting images quickly.

Occasionally, you might find that an image on your Mac isn’t in the right format or is too large for uploading online. Instead of resorting to third-party apps or online services, you can resize and convert your images directly on your Mac, saving time and effort.

Adding New Items in macOS Context Menu

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Adding New Items in macOS Context Menu

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To do this, simply right-click on the image, select ‘Quick Actions‘, and then choose ‘Convert Image‘.

Quick Actions menu on MacQuick Actions menu on Mac

Opt for the JPEG format, and select a size that meets your needs.

Conversion options for imageConversion options for image

A newly optimized version of your image will appear in the same folder, ready for use.

Optimized images savedOptimized images saved

This feature isn’t just about reducing file sizes. It also allows you to change image formats or even batch convert multiple images simultaneously.

For more comprehensive details, visit our guide on converting images to other formats on macOS. Additionally, if you need to convert images on different devices, explore our guide on converting images on iPad and iPhone.

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